Till they feel like hallucinations

There is no exception and even if there was, you will never be his exception, get that in your head
The way you know the best of me and still love the rest of me.

Because life is cruel, life is the one prank we all fall for. When we're not ready to leave, it drags us, on all fours. It drags us along even when all we want to do is stay, just for a while longer. Then when the time comes when we're ready to move forward, it holds us back. Pulls us by our tailcoats and pins us down.
Find a girl that's going to turn your house into a home.
'When the evening shadows and the stars appear,
And there is no one there to dry your tears,
I could hold you for a million years,
To make you feel my love.'



I'm so sorry I disappeared for so long! It's unjustifiable, I know. BUT! I'm in the midst of my exams right now, and I promise you'll receive updates when my exams are through. On the other hand, I'm also in the middle of creating another blog, but it'll be more me orientated and be an online diary basically. So if there are any smart bunnies out there who have a knack for customising web pages etc. Please send me a little shout out! Or if you have any story you'd like to tell me about or, anything really. Shoot me an email!