Like there's no sunrise

It's okay not to be okay at times. It's alright to cry, to be angry, to hate and to hurt. So forgive yourself, let your emotions run loose, let go of your ego and just feel.
I'd like us, to leave for the mountains but end at the seas. I want us to start in the car yet end up just walking. I want us to look for a friend and end up finding love.
She couldn't see past what could have been. Together you could have been everything, but now, she's back to nothing.

If you believe, that you could put one foot in front of another while you're heart is screaming at you to go running back, then go. Walk out that door.
'Sleep with candles burning,
I leave the door unlocked,
I'm weaving a rope,
And running all the red lights,
Did I get your attention?
Cause I'm sending all the signs.'



I've got questions I'm too afraid to find the answers to cause I'm sure they won't be what I want to hear.