You must have missed it, you always do.

She's been forcing herself to fight, for so long, long after there was any reason to fight. But she can't stop, fighting for him was all she's ever known.
More than anything, I felt like a fool. Who was I to think that you'll always be there? It felt like I had opened a door and walked out, expecting to find myself in the midst of something wonderful just to find that I had opened the door and stranded myself in the middle of the ocean.

It's hard for me to wake up with nothing when I've always been so used to waking up and seeing my everything lying right beside me.
"In a world full of wrong,
You're the thing that's right,
Finally made it,
Through the lonely,
To the other side."

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Krystal Pearl said...

cute pictures.. and I love your blog..followed you my dear.. keep them coming.. :)