But here was I right from the start

I thought I was okay but then you asked me 'Is everything alright' and suddenly I didn't know anymore. Maybe everything isn't alright. Maybe I was never okay.
She couldn't remember anymore. Not the way you smell in the mornings, or the warmth of your hugs. She couldn't remember how her hands fit perfectly in yours or the feel of your skin. It frightened her.

Then you came along and suddenly, I couldn't stand being alone. You came along and I didn't like falling asleep without hearing your voice. You came along and all of a sudden being just friends wasn't enough. Because you came along and you ruined everything.
Don't be so intent on finding someone that's perfect for everyone and miss the person that's perfect for you.
'I'd rather be your friend,
Than your nothing at all,
That's why I can't tell you,
How I feel."

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