Where do I start

I'm afraid we'll become so intent on winning, we'll forget what we were even fighting for in the first place.
Every door out there is open for you. The only ones that are closed are the ones you close yourself.
We all hang on for far too long sometimes because we refuse to admit that all this time we've been holding on to something that's based only on our own imagination. There never was a reason to keep us holding on in the beginning.

I used to be strong, witty, outspoken perhaps, but definitely happy. I used to not care, about words or actions. I used to know all the answers, all the solutions. But then you happened and really that's how everyone is. You feel perfect from the start, content. Then someone comes along and you're not really sure, how you feel anymore, or who you even are.
"I miss your brown eyes,
How you kiss me at night,
I miss the way we sleep,
Like there's no sunrise.
I miss the way we breathe.
But I never told you"