Our love is an accident, waiting to happen

It's hard to keep up, when life is moving this fast, especially when you're not ready to move on, when you're too broken to move on.
We're playing a game of make believe, where you make me believe that you love me.
She lies in bed for hours, just thinking. But she comes up with nothing. No reasons, no explanations, no excuses and no way of understanding how things could have ever gotten this bad.
I hope one day you'll wake up and feel the way I do. Just so you'll realise the things you put me through.

"Are you calling me,
Are you trying to get through,
Are you reaching out for me,
I'm reaching out to you."


To chase your dreams

Time is a funny thing, it makes you think that you've forgotten someone truly. It makes you feel like it doesn't hurt the way it did yesterday. Makes you tell yourself that you're okay, that you're happy. But time is a liar, because really, you'll never forgot that person and neither will the feelings ever go away. Feelings never die and memories never fade, but time, time will make you believe anything is possible, even when it's not.

The words that leave your lips, flow straight to my heart.
It doesn't matter what choice you make, there's no wrong or right. If you know where you are going, if you want to get there and you set your mind and heart onto it. No matter what path you choose, you will end where you wanted to.
I lost my heart to your words, my body to your touch. I lost my mind to your thoughts and my faith to your promises. But most of all, most of all I lost myself to be with someone like you.
"So you worked out your excuses,
Turned away and shut the door,
The world's too vast for us now,
And you want to explore."