All you've got is hurt

Because I forget all the memories, all the people I told myself that I could never forget, all the people I told myself to keep right by my side. But when it comes to the things I want to forget, the people I need to clear out of my life, they stay around, they linger on my mind and I just can't get them to leave me alone, I can't get them to let me be. People like you.
So I'm not perfect, I never will be. I'm gonna screw up, break hearts, make mistakes, take you for granted and who knows what else I'll do. But right now, I'm here. And right now I'm trying.
You say you want to hold my hands and kiss my lips. Feel my fingertips against your skin. You say you want to keep me warm and shelter me from the rain. Sing to me till I fall asleep. But I don't need all that. I just want you to want to love me. Cause I want to love you too.
If I see you again today or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe still a long time from now. If I do see you, I will tell you that I still love you.

"Is it getting better,
Or do you feel the same,
Will it make it easier on you now,
You got someone to blame."


You seem so distant

It takes so much just to bring two people together yet it takes next to nothing to tear them apart.
Things don't ever become easier, but you will definitely grow stronger.
It's not about being right all the time. It's about making mistakes sometimes, being wrong yet being able to fix it, learn from it and growing because of it.
What happens when the day comes and I'm no longer a good enough reason for you to stay.

"Follow your heart, he said,
Your heart will take you there,
Swallow your pride, he said,
For pride is nothing but rare."