Love in slow motion, take your time

She thought she was fine, really fine. She lived through her days and you never crossed her mind not even once, she did her own thing, even the things you used to do with her. She finally reconnected with forgotten friends, and even met new people. She was happy. Until she heard your voice again. And she realised, she never was fine, ever.
I am not lost. I'm just finding my way.
If it still hurts, if you still doubt, if the thought still crosses your mind, if you still miss it, if you still feel it, if it still feels too empty, if nights are too long, if sleep never comes, if the pain is still raw then maybe, just maybe you're still in love.

Stop contemplating on what you've lost. Start appreciating what you have.
"Thinking all you need is there,
Building faith on love and words,
Empty promises will wear,
I know."

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