Better than he can

You know when you're feeling really bad? As in you're feeling every single negative emotion ever possible. And they follow one another, like a tag team, and slowly they begin to control you. They knock you to the floors and weigh heavy on your chess until they take over every single bone in your body. They tell you you're ugly, worthless, stupid and you believe every word they say.

I can't be everything you want me to be. But I can be everything that you'll ever need.

Is it better to let go too early, and live with the regret that you let the opportunity slide or will it be better to hold on too long and be the last to know that it was over.

Never push away anyone on your way up. They're the ones that will catch you on your way down.

"And every one's running in circles,
With no where to go,
And there's no one to call,
Because the heroes have already flown."

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