Under the stars, you are wild

When I look at you and I see you cry. I don't know why but something kills me inside. Because when I look at you I realise that you deserve all the happiness in the world. You deserve sunshine every morning, snow in July. You deserve shooting stars and bright full moons. And I wish that you could see it. I wish I could show you.

Maybe sometimes we just need to trust a friendly stranger because it's way too difficult to trust someone that means the world to you. If a stranger went and let you down, you can let them walk out as easily as they once walked in.

And everything becomes so much more complicated once love is involved.

It was hard for her to let go, when she couldn't see a future without him. It was impossible for him to let go, when all he could see was a future with her.

"If you were falling,
Then I would catch you,
You need a light,
I'll find a match."

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Anonymous said...

I like how you just mash quotes, pictures and songs together into one post. Makes reading interesting :)