Can't explain in any other way

I don't need somebody to love me. I need you to love me. You and only you.

I don't always have the right things to say and this usually happens when you need me to say it the most. And I'm sorry. But I promise that you can trust me to be there when you need me there.

Because us girls, we have a tendency to fall for the wrong person, someone we're not meant to. And the more we try not to, the more we do. It's not a thing we could never change or control. So guy, just try not the be that person, try to be the right guy.
I want to miss you knowing that I'll see you in a minute. I want to kiss you and not have to stop. I want to love you and be sure you'll love me back.

"Everytime I try to walk away,
There's always something that reminds me I should stay,
I know I should be strong,
But it feels so wrong holding on."

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