Every smile has it's own season

Why should I be fighting, if I'm battling it alone?

There's one thing that will always be in front of you, yet you will never see it. It's the future. No matter what happens right now, or what has happened before. There will always be a future, so don't give up already, you're future is waiting ahead for you.

The truth is that we're two people, living in two different worlds. And we might be together but it doesn't change the fact that we're two worlds apart. And people like me could never be accepted into your world. And I hate you, for ever making me think that I could.

They say, you rather feel hurt than nothing at all. But the problem was that she felt nothing, but hurt. Every single day, and it never got easier, it never went away. It just became more unbearable, it tied her down. It pulled her underneath, so far below she couldn't find a way back up any more. It weighed on her shoulder and was stuck in her mind. All day, every day. All she felt was hurt.
"It's not that I didn't care,
It's that I didn't know,
It's not what I didn't feel,
It's what I didn't show."


Under the stars, you are wild

When I look at you and I see you cry. I don't know why but something kills me inside. Because when I look at you I realise that you deserve all the happiness in the world. You deserve sunshine every morning, snow in July. You deserve shooting stars and bright full moons. And I wish that you could see it. I wish I could show you.

Maybe sometimes we just need to trust a friendly stranger because it's way too difficult to trust someone that means the world to you. If a stranger went and let you down, you can let them walk out as easily as they once walked in.

And everything becomes so much more complicated once love is involved.

It was hard for her to let go, when she couldn't see a future without him. It was impossible for him to let go, when all he could see was a future with her.

"If you were falling,
Then I would catch you,
You need a light,
I'll find a match."


Can't explain in any other way

I don't need somebody to love me. I need you to love me. You and only you.

I don't always have the right things to say and this usually happens when you need me to say it the most. And I'm sorry. But I promise that you can trust me to be there when you need me there.

Because us girls, we have a tendency to fall for the wrong person, someone we're not meant to. And the more we try not to, the more we do. It's not a thing we could never change or control. So guy, just try not the be that person, try to be the right guy.
I want to miss you knowing that I'll see you in a minute. I want to kiss you and not have to stop. I want to love you and be sure you'll love me back.

"Everytime I try to walk away,
There's always something that reminds me I should stay,
I know I should be strong,
But it feels so wrong holding on."