You showed me lonely

Yesterday is only sweet once compared to today's bitterness.

Because we only accept into our hearts the love we think we deserve. Once a person comes by and shows us more loving then we've ever known, we automatically push them away, because we believe that we have not earnt this love. But the truth is we all do, we deserve all the love in the world. Each and everyone of us is unique and precious.

It's so stupid, when people try to save others. When they put the goods of others in front of themselves. They worry about other people's feelings way too much and bury their own. They volunteer to solve other people's problems, cause they're the only problems they can solve. They answer to other people's questions while their own questions remain unanswered. You might've saved them, but you've lost yourself.

All our love stories are the same. We all fell for someone after hello and before goodbye.

"Cause if it wasn't for you,
I might forget,
How it feels to let go,
And how it feels to get a brand new start."

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