We've still all got room to grow

What has happened, has happened. But what will happen tomorrow, the day after, is entirely up to you. So instead of hoping things would fall into place, make them.

If boys will always be boys, then why must the girls have to grow? Why must we become woman? We enter adulthood, leave our dreams and start pursuing problems we know we can't possibly solve. We immerse ourselves in worry drown in our own self pity. But why? Can't girls, just remain as girls?

Because I hate you for being that person that makes me smile without trying but at the same time, being that person that makes me cry without realising.

We are dictated by rules and boundaries. Forced to do what society deems reasonable. But love is the motive behind us breaking free.

"If I sing you a song,
Would you sing along,
Or wait till I'm gone,
Oh how we push and pull."

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