And if I could I'd go back there too

I just need to learn to stop hoping, and just start coping. Because right now, I'm not coping too well, right now, I'm not okay.

And what people need, more than anything, is closure. They need to know why things ended the way they did. They need to know why that person stayed, while the other had to go away. They need to tie loose ends and fix unsolved problems. Because without closure, these things linger on, your past lingers on. Closure lets you know that the chapter has finally ended and it's time to start a new one.

You know how you know you've grown up? You face decision after decision. You make your mind up just to self doubt yourself out of it. Then sometimes you try to not to care, like the way you did when you were younger and things sorted themselves out. But you find yourself running back, having another go at it. And that's what adulthood is, decision after decision. You create decisions based on the standards that have already been set upon you, even when you know that bar is set way above your head and completely out of reach. Enjoy adulthood.

What you're missing, is the way things used to be, the person you used to know, the feeling you used to feel. All those things that were but not anymore.
"It's weighing heavy on my chest,
It's all that I have left,
I know that it's over,
But I need some closure."

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