The love it just won't be true

We spend our days, waiting, for a phone call that might never come, for a text that might never appear. Yet time after time we still wait. Because our heart tells us that one day the phone will ring and that text will come. But really the only thing we're doing, is wasting our time.

We attempt to live the way people expect us to. Taking it day by day, hour by hour until eventually it becomes a routine we're too afraid to break.

Tell me you don't love me like you do. Tell me I don't need you like I do. Tell me we'll never work out like you promised. Tell me I don't make you smile. Tell me anything to stop this hurting.

The feeling I get when I look at you and all our past flashes in front of me. Then the pain sets in. And I remember why I left.
"The times that you hurt me,
And put tears on my face,
And even now while I hate you,
It pains me to say,
I know I'll be there,
At the end of the day."

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