Here's the day you hoped would never come

I usually don't have to, but whenever I'm with you, I need to remind myself to just breathe.

When he says hey, what he really means to say is that today, you look beautiful, like always, that all he wants is to be with you, that you're the first thing in his mind in the morning and the last at night, that he thinks of you so much throughout the day he feels like he practically knows you, that he loves the way your eyes shimmer in the sun and the way your smile lights up his day. But really, standing next to your guy, hey is all you'll ever hear.

Just because this is reality, it doesn't mean you can't have a fairytale ending.

Dear lovers of the world,
If you're lucky enough to have that special person, take it a day at a time, enjoy what you've got but most importantly learn. You could learn anything from anyone, but only that special person, could teach you how to care, how to appreciate, how to give, how to protect and how to love.

"The sun stops shining,
And the sky starts falling,
And the world stops spinning,
And she's right here."

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