Don't let your love go to waste.

Can we ever go back to those days, when nothing made sense, but it was ok? Can we go back to those days when we never let our lives get in the way? Can we go back to those days when words were enough to make him stay.

You may have a hundred things that's wrong with you, but there's a million things that make you just so right.

But what I learnt, was that something had to mean a lot to you for you to learn something. If after goodbye you realise you've learnt nothing, well then maybe, they didn't mean that much to you afterall.

It takes courage to grow up and become a responsible adult. But it takes even more than that to remain a child at heart.
"Whenever I think of your face,
When everything is going my way,
When I'm having one of those days,
When everything falls into place
You'll always right by my side."

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