Cause right now they're all that I have

Wherever your life may lead you, I hope courage never leaves your side, happiness never leaves your soul and love never leaves your heart. I hope you have the guts to take the opportunities that come your way and see failure as merely a lesson to be learnt. I hope you take the chance of seeing the world but always remember where your home is. I hope you see an object of beauty everyday, whether it be a flower among the weeds or the smile on someone's face. I hope you realised your self worth yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I hate the fact that the world has come to fast food, money, poverty, sex and selfishness. I hate the fact that no one realises how wrong it is. I hate the fact that no one's trying to make it better.

The truth is that you stopped trying when I stopped mattering.
When they said we'll last forever, they actually meant we'll last from 'hello' to 'goodbye'

"Cause everything that's happened,
Whether the good or the bad,
Will be looked back on,
As nothing but the past."

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