Don't let your love go to waste.

Can we ever go back to those days, when nothing made sense, but it was ok? Can we go back to those days when we never let our lives get in the way? Can we go back to those days when words were enough to make him stay.

You may have a hundred things that's wrong with you, but there's a million things that make you just so right.

But what I learnt, was that something had to mean a lot to you for you to learn something. If after goodbye you realise you've learnt nothing, well then maybe, they didn't mean that much to you afterall.

It takes courage to grow up and become a responsible adult. But it takes even more than that to remain a child at heart.
"Whenever I think of your face,
When everything is going my way,
When I'm having one of those days,
When everything falls into place
You'll always right by my side."


Some things are best unspoken, so please don't ask me why.

My favourite part of the day, is the part where I'm almost awake but still half asleep and it still feels like you're lying next to me.

I wanted you to see me the way you saw her. But I couldn't, your eyes never shimmered the same way, and it was easier for me to pull a rabbit out of the hat then make you smile, even once.
I'm not sorry that I loved you, at least I could.
We all grew up too quickly. Monsters turned into bosses, nightmares turned into everyday life and fairytales are just our faded childhood memories.
"Yesterday is dead and gone,
And tomorrow is out of sight,
It's so sad to be alone,
Help me make it through the night."


Cause right now they're all that I have

Wherever your life may lead you, I hope courage never leaves your side, happiness never leaves your soul and love never leaves your heart. I hope you have the guts to take the opportunities that come your way and see failure as merely a lesson to be learnt. I hope you take the chance of seeing the world but always remember where your home is. I hope you see an object of beauty everyday, whether it be a flower among the weeds or the smile on someone's face. I hope you realised your self worth yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I hate the fact that the world has come to fast food, money, poverty, sex and selfishness. I hate the fact that no one realises how wrong it is. I hate the fact that no one's trying to make it better.

The truth is that you stopped trying when I stopped mattering.
When they said we'll last forever, they actually meant we'll last from 'hello' to 'goodbye'

"Cause everything that's happened,
Whether the good or the bad,
Will be looked back on,
As nothing but the past."

Here's the day you hoped would never come

I usually don't have to, but whenever I'm with you, I need to remind myself to just breathe.

When he says hey, what he really means to say is that today, you look beautiful, like always, that all he wants is to be with you, that you're the first thing in his mind in the morning and the last at night, that he thinks of you so much throughout the day he feels like he practically knows you, that he loves the way your eyes shimmer in the sun and the way your smile lights up his day. But really, standing next to your guy, hey is all you'll ever hear.

Just because this is reality, it doesn't mean you can't have a fairytale ending.

Dear lovers of the world,
If you're lucky enough to have that special person, take it a day at a time, enjoy what you've got but most importantly learn. You could learn anything from anyone, but only that special person, could teach you how to care, how to appreciate, how to give, how to protect and how to love.

"The sun stops shining,
And the sky starts falling,
And the world stops spinning,
And she's right here."



Will our tomorrow stay the same as our today. I hope so.


And in your eyes I see, all the possibilities

Why do we never remember all the chances we took yet stay haunted by the opportunities we missed?

I just want to matter to someone for a change.
When you kiss, feeling like nothing could go wrong, then wake up and realise she was never yours. When you watch him walk away and wait for him to turn around but he never does. When you see her cry and catch her tears just so she could go smile with him. When loving someone just isn't enough.

Cause you and me, we were never meant to be.

"I'm better off without you anyway,
I thought it would be hard but I'm okay,
I don't need you if you're gonna be that way,
Cause with me,
It's all or nothing"


This is the part where we say goodbye

It's not that I don't want to make you happy, it's just that I can't anymore.

I'm not afraid to make mistakes, I'm not afraid to take risks and I'm not afraid to fall. The only thing that keeps me from doing any of these things is my fear that you won't be able to forgive my mistakes, take the risks with me or catch me if I ever I fall.

When someone hurts you bad, it's sometimes so much easier, to forget them as a whole then to forgive them for what they've done.

Him: Why did you walk away from me? Don't you want me no more?
Her: Why didn't you chase after me? Wasn't I worth the effort no more?

"Baby and when we touch,
All I can see is the image of us,
Sitting by the ocean,
Just before the dusk."