Don't want to fly if you're still on the ground

Don't live a day, without having someone, having something, that inspires you.

Dear A,
I wake up and see this everyday and it reminds me of you. Thanks for bringing that smile on my face every morning before my day starts.

Love L.

I don't like taking chances, but you're a risk I'm willing to take.
If they ever tell you that you're ugly, embarassing or stupid, don't believe them, they're just jealous. If they tell you I don't love you, don't believe them. They're lying.

"I'm through with playing,
By the rules of someone else's game,
Too late for second guessing,
Too late to go back to sleep,
It's time to trust my instincts,
Close my eyes and leap."


Broken hearts, stops and starts.

Nothing ever felt that good. Nothing ever would be so right. And no one, would ever, replace you.

Don't need no judge, no use of a jury, the verdicts been set. You're guilty as charged. First degree of breaking a heart.

If you can't bother trying, then don't bother loving.

Steal my heart away with the glance of your eyes.

"I miss everything about you,
Can't believe that I still want you,
And after all the things we've been through,
I miss everything about you."