Tell me, are we better off alone?

That's just another one of your stupid excuses for not trying.

Yeah, it's all about US

If there's a million things I could say that could make you stay, I'd say them all, plus one. But right at this time, I've got nothing else to say, and I can't think of a single thing to say either.

I'm sorry I can't always keep that pretty little smile on your pretty little face all the time. But hey, you do look gorgeous when you smile, so you should smile more often.

"I walked upon the rainbow,
I clung onto a star,
You had me up in heaven,
That's why I had to fall so far."


You turn my smile upside down

me: I can't take it no more, I want out.
you: [insert corny romantic heart breaking breathtaking unbelievable quote here]
me: I didn't mean it, I'm sorry, I love you.
you win, again.

I just sit and wait for every 11:11 just to have my chance of wishing that we'll turn out fine.

Was it my fault? Or was it yours? We'll never know. And it won't make a difference now either.

I'll take you, flaws and all.

"Maybe surrounded by a million people I,
Still feel all alone,
I want to go home,
And I've been keeping all the letters,
That I wrote to you."