One day we're forever the next day we're through

Cause she's seen that many romance movies, heard that many love songs, read that many romance novels, to believe, that she could too, one day, but the leading female in one of them.

I think nerds kinda fail when it comes to love, not because they're ugly or too geeky or anything like that. But because they try to rationalise their feelings, love by the rules and try to find the equation to solve it all. But really there is nothing scientific about it. No equations, no rules, no theories. It's just love.

Take a deep breath, clench your fists tight, look her in the eyes, and tell her. You don't love her. You can't can you?

I want to be able to chase and pursue the tails of my dreams. But also to have the strength it takes to turn away when they die away.

"So I watch you like a movie,
I'll sing you like a song,
Read you like a story,
If it takes me all night long.
Keep you like a secret,
I'll tell you like a joke,
It's true, it's true,
That I'll love you like I always do"

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