You're never wrong and I'm never right.

Mistake number 1. Falling for someone like you.
Mistake number 2. Letting you go right after.
Mistake number 3.
Telling you that I don't need you.
I hope you're as happy with her, as I am with him. I hope she makes you smile, the way he makes me smile. And, just sometimes, I hope you miss me, just like I miss you.
You're lying to yourself, she's not the one that's making you happy. You know it and I know it
I've got your name on the tip of my tongue, but trust me, I'd never say it. I've got your voice stuck on replay, but that's ok, I'm sure it'll go away. There's just one thing though, I still have you stuck in my heart, you're not going anywhere.
"When the sun came up,
We were sleeping in,
Sunk inside our blankets,
Sprawled across the bed,
And we were dreaming,"

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