Where I wake up every morning, in the arms of another.

When I say I'm tired, the truth is, really I AM tired. I'm tired of chasing in circles, I'm tired of telling lies, I'm tired of listening, I'm tired of smiling, I'm tired of pretending not to care. I'm so tired.

We didn't take the chance. Because we were both too scared. But I wanted you to be brave, for me.

I'm just another girl. I like predictable love stories, corny cliches still make me smile, simple things seem to make my day. But, you're my special guy, and you make us unique.

I'm not going to say what I'm meant to say. Nor do what you expect me to do. I'm going to tell lies and I'm going to break every single rule. Just as long as it means I can keep you a little longer.

"Cause we all need somebody who can take us away
Come in and save the day
I'll let you be my superhero"


I keep forgetting to forget about you

It feels so right, you know it just can't be wrong. But even if it was wrong you wouldn't have a clue, cause there's nothing more right or more perfect.

I found out, that the reason that I smile when I listen to some songs, was because they reminded me of you.

I'm angry, at myself. For believing in every I love you. Every you look beautiful today. Every hug. Every kiss. i guess you saw just how gullible I was, good job.

I want us, to start at once upon a time, and not end, till we get to our happily ever after.

"Everybody knew that it had to end
When the fire died out and you couldn't pretend
And now I tell myself not to let it show
But oh it's hard to watch you go"


You're never wrong and I'm never right.

Mistake number 1. Falling for someone like you.
Mistake number 2. Letting you go right after.
Mistake number 3.
Telling you that I don't need you.
I hope you're as happy with her, as I am with him. I hope she makes you smile, the way he makes me smile. And, just sometimes, I hope you miss me, just like I miss you.
You're lying to yourself, she's not the one that's making you happy. You know it and I know it
I've got your name on the tip of my tongue, but trust me, I'd never say it. I've got your voice stuck on replay, but that's ok, I'm sure it'll go away. There's just one thing though, I still have you stuck in my heart, you're not going anywhere.
"When the sun came up,
We were sleeping in,
Sunk inside our blankets,
Sprawled across the bed,
And we were dreaming,"