You're still my sunset//

It never made it right did it? You've never really forgiven me since had you? I can't blame you, I guess things just turned out the way they did.

Cause everytime I had the chance I let it slide away. Maybe if I didn't, I think she would have stayed. So baby I just want to know, if I paid more attention from this day, would you be coming back my way?

I'm finding it hard to find reasons to tell convince myself. Because it's not something I can just push away. It's there and no matter how hard I try. It won't leave me alone.

Hey you, yeah you. I'm kinda like a bit tired from walking so much trying to look for you. So I'm just going to sit right here and plan our future while I wait for you to come round. Don't take too long yeah?

"Take a little while to think things through,
Take a little while to make things true,
We don't have to rush"

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