We were so close but not even close enough.

I'm going to start to push you away.
Not because I want to.
But because I need to.

This is for someone. Who'd rather hurt themself then risk hurting me. Who'd know how to make me smile when I just can't no more. Who'd never be able to look into my eyes and tell me a lie. Who'd be content to see me happy from afar. This is for somebody too afraid to speak their heart.

Sometimes, I find myself making up excuses for you. Just to explain to that doubting part of me, why you aren't here.

I wanted to run to him, I wanted to throw myself in his arms, I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to, I really wanted to. But I didn't. And how I wish I did.

"I'm like a Sunday morning,
You're a Friday night,
And when we kiss it's the perfect weekend,
No rain in sight"

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