Details don't matter when both pay the price.

You had a million chances and a thousand ways you could have said it. But you never took any of the chances, and you never said it, not even once.
I'm not angry now, I'm not bitter about it anymore. It's just sometimes I still wonder, why we never really got there in the end.
You know me best, I hate to say I'm sorry, I hate to say goodbye. I hate to be abandoned and I hate to be in the dark. But I don't think you know, that what I hate the most, is letting our chance slip away.
Because she was depending on YOU, to get her through the day, to keep her safe and to leave that smile on her face. I don't know why or how you never realised this, or maybe was it that you forgot. Or did you not care at all? But it doesn't matter now, cause you let her down.
"I don't want nobody else
They don't understand
That I gave away my heart
The moment
That I shook your hand"

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