You couldn't have loved me better.

Broken promises, faded pictures, lost friendships, wilted flowers, regretful mistakes, lost chances. The things that break my heart.

She's just a little girl trying to be a woman. Wearing clothes that didn't fit her. Wearing shoes that hurt her feet. Taking strides that were far too large for a young girl. Trying to find a place in the big world. But that's not where she belonged. And that's where she lost herself.

We all need a perfect stranger sometimes. When we're feeling down, we just need someone to cry on, someone who knows nothing about us, someone who won't criticise or question. Someone who'll just sit there and wait for us to finish our crying.

Cause everything is just fine, but nothing is right. And I'm not sad but I can't find my happiness. You don't make me cry but you can't make me smile. I'm just holding on but the pieces of me are lying broken on the floor.

"And I hope I can give back,
A little bit of what you've given me,

You've given me all that I need,
So thank you for standing right by me,
I thank you for everything,"

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