Cause you know it's gonna hurt you.

And this is a dedication, for a girl I know.

And I tried to tell her,to fight for him. Cause I couldn't watch her, just let him go like that. Cause I couldn't bare, for her to feel the regret I feel everyday for letting you go.

Because of all the arguements. Because of all the tears. Because of all the apologies. Because of all the lies. Because of all the laughter. Because of all the hugs. Because of all the butterflies in her tummy. Because of all the other thousands of reasons why anyone could mean so much to one person. That's why he means so much to her.

Because I never thought you'd be ready to let him go just like that. No, I know you aren't ready and you'd never be ready. But please, before you let him go. Ask yourself. Is this why you've been holding onto him for so long for? Just to let him go?

Too scared to speak. Too broken to move on. Too early to say goodbye. Too stubborn to apologise. Too many scars to heal. Too many wrongs to right. Too many words left unspoken. Too many questions to ask. Not enough time to do a thing

You prepare yourself to let him go. But when the moment comes that you have to let him go. Could you look him in the eyes and tell him the lie that you've been practicing for so long? Could you wish him happiness with her?

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THE girl said...

You have been counterblogged :)
I just thought of something, everytime I write something that's inspired/a reply to something you say, I shall set it out the way you would with the whole picture writing thingy going on :)