Because I can't imagine me without you.

And I won't stop, no I won't. Not even if you beg me to, not even if the world falls down, not even if everyone else around tells me that I'm a stupid blind idiot for not stopping. No, I won't stop until you are mine.

You've got a past, I've got a past. Everyone in this room, in this city, in this world, has a past. But I just want to know, if I might possibly, have a part in your future.

Tell me a lie, scribble out the truth and censor out the mistakes. I just want to believe that everything is perfect. Give me something to hold onto.

Her: Hey, how have you been. It's been a while since we've...talked.
Him: Hey, you look...great.
Her: Thanks, so is she your girlfriend?
Him: No, she isn't you.

"Wake up in the morning and have breakfast ready on the table
But all of that just seems so far away from me
Had to wake up face reality
It all just seem to good to be true

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