¿Cómo me haces falta tú?

I'm stubborn, I'm messy, I'm IGNORANT, I'm ugly, I'm not perfect and I'm not patient. But I'm still patiently waiting for you to notice me back.

I do not miss you. It's just, my ears miss your voice, my mouth misses your lips and my hands miss the way your fingers would fill up the spaces between them. But really I don't miss you, kind of.

It was fun when it lasted. But it didn't last for too long did it?
What a shame it had to die. What a shame we stopped believing.

I'm sick and tired of waiting around for my prince on his white horse. I just wished I was stronger so I could fight my own battles and slay that damn dragon that's holding me back without the need for my "knight in shining armour". He could just go fuck himself.

"And you know the rain won't last forever
And you know the storm won't always flow
But if the sun don't shine forever
You gotta let it go"


Cause you know it's gonna hurt you.

And this is a dedication, for a girl I know.

And I tried to tell her,to fight for him. Cause I couldn't watch her, just let him go like that. Cause I couldn't bare, for her to feel the regret I feel everyday for letting you go.

Because of all the arguements. Because of all the tears. Because of all the apologies. Because of all the lies. Because of all the laughter. Because of all the hugs. Because of all the butterflies in her tummy. Because of all the other thousands of reasons why anyone could mean so much to one person. That's why he means so much to her.

Because I never thought you'd be ready to let him go just like that. No, I know you aren't ready and you'd never be ready. But please, before you let him go. Ask yourself. Is this why you've been holding onto him for so long for? Just to let him go?

Too scared to speak. Too broken to move on. Too early to say goodbye. Too stubborn to apologise. Too many scars to heal. Too many wrongs to right. Too many words left unspoken. Too many questions to ask. Not enough time to do a thing

You prepare yourself to let him go. But when the moment comes that you have to let him go. Could you look him in the eyes and tell him the lie that you've been practicing for so long? Could you wish him happiness with her?


You couldn't have loved me better.

Broken promises, faded pictures, lost friendships, wilted flowers, regretful mistakes, lost chances. The things that break my heart.

She's just a little girl trying to be a woman. Wearing clothes that didn't fit her. Wearing shoes that hurt her feet. Taking strides that were far too large for a young girl. Trying to find a place in the big world. But that's not where she belonged. And that's where she lost herself.

We all need a perfect stranger sometimes. When we're feeling down, we just need someone to cry on, someone who knows nothing about us, someone who won't criticise or question. Someone who'll just sit there and wait for us to finish our crying.

Cause everything is just fine, but nothing is right. And I'm not sad but I can't find my happiness. You don't make me cry but you can't make me smile. I'm just holding on but the pieces of me are lying broken on the floor.

"And I hope I can give back,
A little bit of what you've given me,

You've given me all that I need,
So thank you for standing right by me,
I thank you for everything,"


Maybe we're afraid of words we both hadn't said.

Everytime she walks past him in the hall, he wishes someone would just bump into her, really hard. Just so that he could either catch her if she fell or help her pick up her books.

You want to know why I don't believe you belong with her? Cause she doesn't need you. She just needs someone and at this moment right now, it just happens to be you. But when she finds another, everything will change. And you'll be left with nothing but another mark on your heart.

Since she was 7, she wanted to live a fairytale life. Fifteen years on, minus the castle, the fairy wedding, the fairy godmother and the evil step sisters. She has found her prince charming and is living happily ever after.

For you it's just another night. For me it's one more day I managed to lie my way through.

"Take it slow
Maybe we'll live and learn
Maybe we'll crash and burn
Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave,
maybe you'll return
Maybe another fight
Maybe we won't survive
But maybe we'll grow"


Because I can't imagine me without you.

And I won't stop, no I won't. Not even if you beg me to, not even if the world falls down, not even if everyone else around tells me that I'm a stupid blind idiot for not stopping. No, I won't stop until you are mine.

You've got a past, I've got a past. Everyone in this room, in this city, in this world, has a past. But I just want to know, if I might possibly, have a part in your future.

Tell me a lie, scribble out the truth and censor out the mistakes. I just want to believe that everything is perfect. Give me something to hold onto.

Her: Hey, how have you been. It's been a while since we've...talked.
Him: Hey, you look...great.
Her: Thanks, so is she your girlfriend?
Him: No, she isn't you.

"Wake up in the morning and have breakfast ready on the table
But all of that just seems so far away from me
Had to wake up face reality
It all just seem to good to be true