Told my mind to fool my heart.

I was hoping, that you would stop hesitating so much. I was hoping that you would stop thinking ahead far too long. I was hoping you would chase after me when I walked. I was hoping when I came back, you'd still be here.

One day I hope you'll regret it. Tbh, I actually hope you would never feel the guilt and that you'll always put the blame on me because then at least you'll always be happy, even if you're finding happiness next to her. Even if she isn't me.

And lets please not talk about the problems. Lets forget all the fights. Lets just pretend that we're all happy. Lets just smile through it all. Lets just try to remind ourselves the way this was supposed to turn out.

It's just that you're a habit that I'm not ready to break. Not as of yet.
"Why? Why couldn't I show her what I felt inside my heart?
Why? Why couldn't I tell her how special she means to me?
Why? Does it have to be this way?"

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