Not a million fights can make me hate you

One day, you'll come to a realisation, I'm afraid. You'd realise that you are absolutely perfect and that I'm nothing close. You'll realise that I've never really treated you well enough and that really, there's only enough space for one person. Then you'd leave. And I'd realise, how much you meant to me.

Can you feel it? Feel what? The distance that's growing further and further between us...

Is an idiot for saying goodbye

Are an idiot for walking away

Once upon a time, I thought you were strong. I looked up to you. Idolised, adored and loved you. I thought you, I could always lean on, always run to. I thought you had all the answers, I thought you could solve any problem in the world. But it was all a misconcepcion. You don't know a thing, you don't bother to know about a thing, you're an ignorant old careless fool. Cause after all this time. You still have no idea whether you want to be with me or not.

"I haven't seen you,
Feels like a long time.
Sometimes it still hurts,
But I always get by."

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