Cause you're going to find love, in someone new.

It feels as if I really have ruined everything, everything that was and everything that could have been. Not through the things I've said or done. But through the things I wanted so badly to say, the things I so badly wanted to do but never did.

I told you I didn't need you here. I told you to leave, and I told you that leaving you was the best thing I have ever done. But the truth is, I still get a shiver when I hear your name, my eyes still wonder to you when you're around. But the worst thing of all, is that when I found out that, you now belong with her and that when I compare myself to her, she's so much better than me.

I wanted so badly for you to chase after me

What's worst. Knowing what you need to say but never having the opportunity. Or having the perfect chance but not knowing what the fuck you're meant to be saying.

"I don't want tell you that I long to see your face,
I'm scared it might scare you away,
And I don't want to tell you that sometimes I think of you and smile,
Cause time with you is time enough for now"

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