Running through my mind as each day drifts by.

Every moment that I get to myself, I spend it thinking of you.And every moment leaves a smile on my face, because you're enough to keep me going. So, with every chance I get, I'll show you that it is only you. It doesn't have to wait until valentine's day because everyday you unkowingly make me melt. And it's everyday that i'm falling deeper for you.

"I wanna know if im holding you too tight
I wanna know if i aint doing it right
I wanna know if i make you happy, make you laugh
I wanna know if im giving you enough
I wanna know if i can be the one for you
I wanna know if i can live inside your world
I wanna know if you're going to like all I can be
Because all im going to be is me."

You captured my heart with your unique style
I can no longer be in denial
Emotions arose when i first saw you
My first enocunter, unexpected and new
I thought it was just a phase and tried to let go
But all i wanted was for your desire to show
And know that I have you, I feel complete
The obstacles to come,
I know our love will overcome
I reminise about moments when we're close
It's thoughts like those I love most

I'm releasing myself from all the things that hold me back, and im letting my guard down because my heart is yours now. All i need is your love, all i need is for you to care. I don't need anything else, there's nothing more to ask for because i have you.It's hard to explain what happens in my head, but its something like this.....

"Everytime i look into your eyes,
i feel a rush that sends me over the edge
And i used to hope that i wouldn't fall,
But now I know that I won't
Because you're holding onto me.
You bring the meaning to my smiles
And show me the hope after my cries
Because you are my reason.
Im trying to decide if I wanna keep things this way.

When I keep running from the truth and I was trying to be strong
But it didn't work because I was trying too hard to protect myself.
All I did was push you away
So I'll open myself up and wear just my heart
Because nothing feels right when im not with you...."

Everything on this particular blog, was written and copyrighted by Joshua Tieu.

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