It's been 17 minutes since my life started over without you.

Forget all those places you've never been, forget all those people you wished you met, forget all the possibilities you let pass by. But, remember all those places you have been, remember all those people who set foot in your life and remember all the chances and risks you decided to take.

The difference between you and me. You tell lies just to try run from the past and make it through the day . But me, I face the truth and let the past catch up to me and then, I walk with it to tomorrow.

But I don't want to be forgotten. I don't want "us" to be an old memory. I don't want an old photograph to be the only way you still remember my face. I don't want to be just another souvenir from your past.

I suddenly realised, just how much being yourself can mean to someone. You never realise the affect you have on someone, you never realise how much happiness you are able create in someones life. You've never planned it, never expected your actions to result in anything. You never realise how unique you are and how you are able to make someone someone's day just by being you.

"Don’t be afraid to cry,
It wasn’t wasted time,
We just couldn’t win that fight,
And I knew you couldn’t stay,
You had to go your way,
There’s really nothing left to say,
But every now and then you cross my mind,
And I try not to think about where you are tonight"

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