Imagine waking up someday knowing you made a mistake.

I'm sorry that I'm not too tall,
And that I'm not that pretty either.
I'm sorry that I can't always make you smile,
And that I tend to make you worry.
I'm sorry that I'm so clumsy,
And that you always have to catch me when I fall.
I'm sorry that I ask for too much,
And I'm sorry that I give too little.
I'm sorry that I wasted your time,

The falling out of a relationship usually occurs, when one person cares too much and one person doesn't care at all. It happens when one person wants too much and another doesn't want anything. It all falls apart when one person is put on top priority while the other doesn't even have a placing on that list.

When I was walking alone that day. I was secretly hoping that you might chase after me even though, I knew you wouldn't. It was so not you to give a damn about me. I know. You know what else I also knew? I also knew that if he was there he would chase after me. I know if he was there he would make sure I get home safely. No questions asked, because unlike you, he puts me first.

You built up a wall and you never wanted to leave it. But I made you, I managed to trick you into stepping out of that wall and as soon as you did, I ended up making you hide right back behinde that wall. Then I built up your trust, and slowly I took that wall down, brick by brick, until I could clearly see you on the other side, and you can see all of me, it took some time and it took effort from both of us. But hey, we got there. Then for some reason you stopped trying. And you seemed to prefer talking to me from the other side of the wall. But babes, I wanted you to be on my side, I wanted you here. I got tired of waiting for you to come on over, so I decided to put up my own wall and hope that maybe you'll come over to take it down for me.

"Does he know you raise your eyebrow,
When something goes on in your mind
Does he know your face starts blushing
Every time you're telling a lie
Does he know you are impatient
And run away when you're mad
Does he know you can be stubborn
And that you smile even when you are sad"

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