Colour me blue I'm lost in you

She said, "Oh, I'm sorry, but who the fuck are you to tell me that I've changed. You didn't even know me from the beginning." It scares me to think that perhaps she was right.

I finally understand what you meant when you said we were too far apart. It wasn't the fact that we lived an hours or so drive away from each other. No. It was the fact that you and me, we were completely different. I like romance, you like simplicity. I wanted to spend time alone with you, you wanted us to hang out in big groups all the time. It feels like although we are in the same room, sitting next to each other, we are two worlds apart. And as hard as I try, I can't seem to reach your world.

I'm exhausted about stressing about today then worrying about what would happen tomorrow. Oh and then there's the constant thoughts of the past. I've had enough of that. I'm through with it.

You make my life so miserable, unbearable.
You make me cry, you talk in lies.
You break my heart, I fall apart.
You scream and shout, I'm left with doubt.
But yet, I don't want it any other way.

"Dear love,
When do you plan to come and visit me?
And how will I know it's true?
Tell me dear love,
Here in your room can't wait for you to see,
So hurry I'll wait for you,
Are you like butterflies in the spring sunshine after rain?
Do you come with a little pain?"

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