You used to be like a bright star, forever shining. But atm you're like a shooting star. There's a glimmer of your past and then just plain darkness. Don't leave me in the dark, please.



Today, no these last few weeks. Were the first time that I noticed, how beautiful your eyes are. But, they never seem to rest on my eyes anymore.


Seems like everyday is a situation

I find ways to occupy myself, work more, study harder, talk to more people. But it's all a distraction, to stop me from thinking about you, and what I should have done rather than what I did.

You know what I want? I want to tell you that everything is alright. I want to tell you everything is going to be ok and it's all going to work out fine. But I won't and I can't, because you're just too old for fairytales now.

For every song, there will be ONE line that would stick to your mind forever. That one line that made you shiver inside and think about that someone. For our song, that line was, "If one day, you decide you no longer need me, then I just want you to know, that I give you permission, to let go, and move on."

Why do we always manage to say what we need to say after we miss our chance to say it.

"Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you"



Cause I hope, things don't go wrong. And I hope as hell, that I will stay strong.


It's been 17 minutes since my life started over without you.

Forget all those places you've never been, forget all those people you wished you met, forget all the possibilities you let pass by. But, remember all those places you have been, remember all those people who set foot in your life and remember all the chances and risks you decided to take.

The difference between you and me. You tell lies just to try run from the past and make it through the day . But me, I face the truth and let the past catch up to me and then, I walk with it to tomorrow.

But I don't want to be forgotten. I don't want "us" to be an old memory. I don't want an old photograph to be the only way you still remember my face. I don't want to be just another souvenir from your past.

I suddenly realised, just how much being yourself can mean to someone. You never realise the affect you have on someone, you never realise how much happiness you are able create in someones life. You've never planned it, never expected your actions to result in anything. You never realise how unique you are and how you are able to make someone someone's day just by being you.

"Don’t be afraid to cry,
It wasn’t wasted time,
We just couldn’t win that fight,
And I knew you couldn’t stay,
You had to go your way,
There’s really nothing left to say,
But every now and then you cross my mind,
And I try not to think about where you are tonight"



It frightens me to think that it's my fault that you are the way you are now.


Imagine waking up someday knowing you made a mistake.

I'm sorry that I'm not too tall,
And that I'm not that pretty either.
I'm sorry that I can't always make you smile,
And that I tend to make you worry.
I'm sorry that I'm so clumsy,
And that you always have to catch me when I fall.
I'm sorry that I ask for too much,
And I'm sorry that I give too little.
I'm sorry that I wasted your time,

The falling out of a relationship usually occurs, when one person cares too much and one person doesn't care at all. It happens when one person wants too much and another doesn't want anything. It all falls apart when one person is put on top priority while the other doesn't even have a placing on that list.

When I was walking alone that day. I was secretly hoping that you might chase after me even though, I knew you wouldn't. It was so not you to give a damn about me. I know. You know what else I also knew? I also knew that if he was there he would chase after me. I know if he was there he would make sure I get home safely. No questions asked, because unlike you, he puts me first.

You built up a wall and you never wanted to leave it. But I made you, I managed to trick you into stepping out of that wall and as soon as you did, I ended up making you hide right back behinde that wall. Then I built up your trust, and slowly I took that wall down, brick by brick, until I could clearly see you on the other side, and you can see all of me, it took some time and it took effort from both of us. But hey, we got there. Then for some reason you stopped trying. And you seemed to prefer talking to me from the other side of the wall. But babes, I wanted you to be on my side, I wanted you here. I got tired of waiting for you to come on over, so I decided to put up my own wall and hope that maybe you'll come over to take it down for me.

"Does he know you raise your eyebrow,
When something goes on in your mind
Does he know your face starts blushing
Every time you're telling a lie
Does he know you are impatient
And run away when you're mad
Does he know you can be stubborn
And that you smile even when you are sad"


Running through my mind as each day drifts by.

Every moment that I get to myself, I spend it thinking of you.And every moment leaves a smile on my face, because you're enough to keep me going. So, with every chance I get, I'll show you that it is only you. It doesn't have to wait until valentine's day because everyday you unkowingly make me melt. And it's everyday that i'm falling deeper for you.

"I wanna know if im holding you too tight
I wanna know if i aint doing it right
I wanna know if i make you happy, make you laugh
I wanna know if im giving you enough
I wanna know if i can be the one for you
I wanna know if i can live inside your world
I wanna know if you're going to like all I can be
Because all im going to be is me."

You captured my heart with your unique style
I can no longer be in denial
Emotions arose when i first saw you
My first enocunter, unexpected and new
I thought it was just a phase and tried to let go
But all i wanted was for your desire to show
And know that I have you, I feel complete
The obstacles to come,
I know our love will overcome
I reminise about moments when we're close
It's thoughts like those I love most

I'm releasing myself from all the things that hold me back, and im letting my guard down because my heart is yours now. All i need is your love, all i need is for you to care. I don't need anything else, there's nothing more to ask for because i have you.It's hard to explain what happens in my head, but its something like this.....

"Everytime i look into your eyes,
i feel a rush that sends me over the edge
And i used to hope that i wouldn't fall,
But now I know that I won't
Because you're holding onto me.
You bring the meaning to my smiles
And show me the hope after my cries
Because you are my reason.
Im trying to decide if I wanna keep things this way.

When I keep running from the truth and I was trying to be strong
But it didn't work because I was trying too hard to protect myself.
All I did was push you away
So I'll open myself up and wear just my heart
Because nothing feels right when im not with you...."

Everything on this particular blog, was written and copyrighted by Joshua Tieu.

Colour me blue I'm lost in you

She said, "Oh, I'm sorry, but who the fuck are you to tell me that I've changed. You didn't even know me from the beginning." It scares me to think that perhaps she was right.

I finally understand what you meant when you said we were too far apart. It wasn't the fact that we lived an hours or so drive away from each other. No. It was the fact that you and me, we were completely different. I like romance, you like simplicity. I wanted to spend time alone with you, you wanted us to hang out in big groups all the time. It feels like although we are in the same room, sitting next to each other, we are two worlds apart. And as hard as I try, I can't seem to reach your world.

I'm exhausted about stressing about today then worrying about what would happen tomorrow. Oh and then there's the constant thoughts of the past. I've had enough of that. I'm through with it.

You make my life so miserable, unbearable.
You make me cry, you talk in lies.
You break my heart, I fall apart.
You scream and shout, I'm left with doubt.
But yet, I don't want it any other way.

"Dear love,
When do you plan to come and visit me?
And how will I know it's true?
Tell me dear love,
Here in your room can't wait for you to see,
So hurry I'll wait for you,
Are you like butterflies in the spring sunshine after rain?
Do you come with a little pain?"