You've picked the wrong time to be everything that I need.

The optimist will tell you that having your heart broken will only make you stronger. The pessimist will tell you that you screwed up bad and you'll never find real love. I'll tell you, that this time it didn't work out, and it probably won't work out the next couple of times, but hey, it will work out at the end and the whole reason for heartbreaks, is to prepare you for the next encounters of the same situation. - Dedicated to Mel D.

I hate you, you were nothing but a waste of time. You're a jack ass and you had no right to treat anyone the way you treated me. At least that's what I try to convinve myself. But the truth is, every minute I spent with you made me happy. Hell, thinking about it now makes me want to smile. Yea, you were a heck of wasted time, but goddamn it, everyday with you, were the best days of wasted time.

It's ok. I'll go back to the start a hundred times if I have to. I'll leap the hurdles, in fact crawl under them if that's what it takes. Any day, any time I don't mind. As long as you're the one standing at the finish line.

They tell you, that forgetting someone isn't as easy as walking out the door. They tell you it's gonna be hard, and that it's gonna hurt you. But what they don't tell you, is that it's not the "walking out the door" part that's hard. No it's the part after that. Where you stick around behinde the door unable to move, and just looking back inside. Just to make sure that the person is alright. It's the part where you see them fall to the ground in tears that make you cringe. It's the part where you stand there, on the other side of the door, and watch someone else walk into the room, put their arms around that person and take your place. That hurts, a lot. But what hurts the most in the whole process, is seeing that person smile again the way they used to, the only difference, is that this time, they aren't smiling for you no more.

"I only thought of you and me and never anything else,
The time we spent together kept me sane,
You helped me to be myself,
What I didn't realize is that the distance was breaking your heart,
Even under you're best disguise,
it was tearing you apart, baby.
It was, selfish,
of me to give you my love or tell you that we would never be undone.
Selfish, to want you here everyday,
When we both knew we were much too far away."

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