Life's like an hour glass, stuck on the table.

LOLS! Yay! Finally start this off! Ok so I shall update this blog every Sunday no matter how busy I happen to be (must keep this commitment ==) Basically random lovey dovey cliche stuff I think up of as well as some awesome pictures that I like :D Enjoy!
Because I don't want to be that girl, just wondering how it would feel like. To feel your arms around me. To feel you breathing down my neck. To hear you whispering "I love you" in my ears. To fall asleep next to you beneath the stars. To share the same blanket with you. To be labeled as something more than just your friend. To dance with you in the rain. To cry on your shoulder when I'm feeling too weak. To receive that phone call late at night, of you calling to tell me to sleep well. To hear that song you wrote just for me. Just to have you.

I'm fine.

But some days, it just hurts too much. Some days I fall apart. Some days I can't get out of bed. Some days I think about you so much, I lose count of many times I really think of you. Some days I tell myself off for being such an idiot. Some days I find it hard to breathe under my mask. But that's OK, cause it's just some days.

She said: You promised me.
He said: So what.
She said: So it doesn't mean anything to you? So all this was nothing?
He said: That's not what I meant.
She said: Damn straight that's what you meant, why would you say something you didn't really mean.
He said: Because when I'm with you. My legs turn to jelly, my common sense goes out the door, my head starts spinning, my tummy is filled with butterflies and I can't keep my eyes of you. And for some reason, some weird god knows why reason, when all that happens, I manage to say things that I don't mean and hurt you in ways that I don't want to. So there you go, that's why.

Well I don't care if it's just 3 words long. Or if it's a 500 page essay. I don't care if it's just another cheesy cliche. I don't care if it's some retarded spam mail. As long as it's from you. I want it.

I don't want to grow up. I don't want to be the "reliable independent young woman" that everyone is expecting me to turn out to be. Cause that would mean that I can't forgive people as easily as them buying me an icecream. That I can't take back the stupid things I say. That I have to worry about tomorrow. That I can't entirely trust anyone. That I have to think about the words people might say if I do or say something. That I can't talk to you in five minutes when I previously said that I don't ever want to talk to you ever again. That forgetting someone isn't as easy as blocking them of msn. That I can't convince myself that I really don't mind being "just friends". That laughing along with hurtful comments don't make them ok. No, just let me continue on being a kid.
"Plus I get weak in the knees fall head over heels baby,
And every other cheesy cliche.
I'm swept off my feet,
My heart skips a beat,
But really there's only one thing to say.
Goddamn you're beautiful, to me.
You're everything, that's beautiful.
Yes to me."

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